2013 Cartier Crash Limited edition will debut at SIHH

SIHH 2013 is just round the corner, and its time for some super-luxurious timepieces and interesting accessories to come our way. Starting early proceedings next year is the Cartier Crash Limited Edition 2013. Encased in a 38.5mm x 25.5mm 18-carat white or rose gold casing that isn’t round or square (non-rounded polygon that looks breath-taking), the watch is truly a masterpiece. Legend goes that the Cartier Crash which debuted in 1967, as it is named, actually germinated from a serious car accident which Vice president of the Cartier London was in caught into. The oval Cartier Bagnoire Alongee that he was wearing at the time melted onto his wrist, taking shape of Dali’s melting watches. Inspired by this “original” design, Jean-Jacques Cartier reproduced it. The dial sporting vintage mineral-crystal, 150 diamonds totalling to 2.15 carats and a solid caseback and on the case. The collector’s item watch which made a limited edition comeback in 1991 and again in 1993 will now be available in four variants.

These ladies watches can be picked up with diamond bracelet with 471 diamonds (worth 4.27 carats) in white or pink gold, based on the version you decide to buy. There are 267 watches with gold bracelets and 67 pieces with diamond-encrusted bracelets up for grabs.

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