4N Watch by Francois Quentin is a mechanical wonder

4N, the mechanical watch concept that was revealed earlier at Baselworld 2010 as a concept has finally taken off as a fully functional piece. 4N-MVT01 that was designed by Francois Quentin, owner & designer of 4N, was reintroduced in Baselworld 2011 with meaningful design revisions and this year, it is presented as fully functional prototype. The 4N watch made in white gold has a mechanical heart with highly complex functionality. The hand-wound movement with 12 hour digital display runs functions at 21,000 vph with 520 components and 237 hour power reserve.

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The 4N watch will be made in a limited edition of only 16 pieces and will retail for $187,000 each. The watch incorporates a clever system of rotating discs to indicate the hour, 6 discs to indicate the minutes and a sapphire crystal display back.