A2: Avenue Squared timepiece

Harry Winstons yet another astounding creation includes A2: Avenue Squared timepiece. It forms a symbol of sophistication blended with style. Amplified and elegant, this modern interpretation takes the brand’s iconic Avenue timepiece to the power of two by exploring dualities in form and function. This timepiece’s elongated shape is redefined with a re-proportioned, oversized squared case. Length and width are near similar in size, set in diamonds for a graphic, yet feminine and a classy feel. This sleek, clean look ensures a full-panoramic view of the dual-time zone dial with two separate quartz movements. The two-time spaces are joined within two diamond circles, forming an infinity symbol for added visual harmony. The strap is made of satin for a smooth yet firm grip on the writs.

Dual colors of the dial, for day and night, further enhance the balance and duality in design. The water resistance varies up to 30 meters. It is available in white and black.