Add a dash of royalty to your wrist with the Royal Berkeley 43 Limited Edition watches

Everybody dreams of enjoying a small bit of royalty. While you cant really make that dream true unless you are a royal of course, but you can compliment your self by getting some customized limited edition opulent masterpieces. And to add an air or royalty to your accessories, Backes & Strauss have come out with the Royal Berkeley 43, in two sizes of 40 and 37. Encased within an 18 carat white gold case, the chronograph features 44 custom cut diamonds weighing as much as 12.44 carats.

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The dial features 96 hands- cut diamonds weighing 15.43 carats, while the diamond bracelet features 189 cut hand polished diamonds. The open sapphire back case shows you the internal working of the watch. Limited to only 5 pieces, the watches come with a Platinum Rotor.