Agilis Watch Winder makes up as an eye-catching accessory

Kudoe Schli Matz did garner a lot of fame when it unveiled its Gigantis watch winder laced with a brilliant entertainment system. The same makers have designed yet another charming watch winder by the name Agilis which comes with 12 individually programmable watch winders grouped around a fully integrated mechanical watch Collect. The catchy décor accessory will be perfect embellishment for any room in your living space.

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The watch winder here epitomizes a unique symbiosis of the highest standards of materials and perfection and profound familiarity with a hand-picked clientele. The exteriors here boast of high-gloss varnished hardwoods and the system also comes integrated with a sound system which can be wirelessly controlled via a Bluetooth collection. Since Agilis is not yet on the market, the company is mum about pricing but we’ll keep you updated as soon as they reveal the details.
Tel. +49 7159 80592-28

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