Alacria Fancy Diva Wildcat for your majestic queen

Motivated by the exciting species of cats, Carl F. Bucherer proudly exhibits the Alacria Fancy Diva Wildcat. Truly crafted for the majestic feline chic of your life, the composition of the stones invites one on a journey into the unique kingdom of animals. The magnificent coat of the tiger guided the choice of color of the 962 diamonds, which embellish the new Alacria Fancy Diva Wildcat. Its black stripes provide an absolutely contrasting effect with the golden yellow to reddish-brown tones. Each colored diamond is a genuine, precious stone. The dial and case both in a tiger design are made of black and cognac and golden yellow diamonds.

The 18K gold watch has a quartz movement and is supposed to be water-resistant. Exclusively crafted in a limited number of 25 pieces to symbolize the extinct species too, this one sells for $70,000.