Alan Silberstein teams up with MB&F for a colorful legacy timepiece

French horologist Alan Silberstein is known to be the pioneer of sapphire crystal case watches and someone who doesn’t shy away from the unconventional in horology. He has been associated with the MB&F brand for a while now, with collaborations such as the HM2.2 Black Box Performance Art piece from 2009. He went on to collaborate with several other brands, adding his unique touch to each new experience.

MB&F LM1 timepiece (4)
MB&F have once again associated with the former interior designer for the LM1 Silberstein, a limited edition of 3 x 12 pieces available in 18k red gold, grade 5 titanium, or black PVD-treated titanium. LM stands for Legacy Machine and the watch showcases a yellow, red and blue accents on the dials and hands, which is consistent with his love for bright, lively colors. The cone, sphere and cube make up the power reserve and can be found to replicate the same color scheme. The subdials appear to be small, concave dishes that bring the promise of ‘eternal time’ capture. The sapphire crystal dome and balanced bridge protect the finer components from contact. In fact, the artist up-plays the role of the balance by calling it the ‘beating heart’ of the timepiece. Even the two crowns haven’t escaped Silberstein’s creative touch with a unique six-pointed star shapes making it easy to grip.
MB&F LM1 timepiece (3)
“I resonated with LM1 because by highlighting the balance – the mechanism that splits time into miniscule increments – it highlights how man converts eternal time into something he can use”, said Silberstein.
MB&F LM1 timepiece (2)

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