Aviator watch collection by Yeslam Bin Ladin is a must for every pilot

Yeslam Bin Ladin- yes, he is the same guy who claims to have cut off all ties with his terrorist brother Osama. Anyway, we aren’t here to talk about the estranged relations of the two brothers, what we are interested in is the latest line of watches created by Mr. Yeslam Bin Ladin. The guy is ready to launch a watch collection called “Aviator,” which will be the first watch ever to allow pilots to calculate their airspeed just in case electronic instruments break down. Yeslam lost his father in a plane crash and is aware of the hazards of electronic breakdowns in planes. The watch will tell the exact airspeed and estimate the flight’s duration before takeoff. Yeslam’s ‘aviator’ watch took an amazing 6 months to create. A beauty, the guy has definitely created a masterpiece. The line boasts of a beautiful and classy rose gold version of the watch for those who love to flaunt their luxurious lifestyles. Besides the rose gold, the line up also contains a silver version and a white gold version of this beautiful watch.

The rose gold version of the Aviator will set you back by $24,430. But if that is too much moolah for you to spare, you can opt for the less expensive steel version that costs $9,472.