Bell and Ross Limited Edition PW1 Argentium Minute Repeater

Bell and Ross have, over the years, created some incredibly unique timepieces, such as the
Br02-8 Infiniti watch, BR – S ceramic watch and the Br 01- 94 titanium watch. Along with the Tourbillon and perpetual calendar, The Repetition Minutes or Minute Repeater is one of the three finest complications considered in watchmaking. The PW1 Repetition Minutes by Bell & Ross showcases this masterful aspect of watch-making. In doing so, they have essentially reinterpreted the pocket watch imbuing in it the essence of poetry. The PW1 marks time like the past clocks, where the hour is not read but rather heard through a pure melody. It can be heard as it resonates through the high-quality sterling silver case. This high-quality, complicated timepiece can indicate the hours and minutes musically on request. A low-pitched sound marks the hours while a double low-pitched and high-pitched sound marks every minute elapsed.

This feature can be activated by simply pressing a button on the left-hand side of the case; the vibrations that create the sounds are produced by thin steel wires when the perfectly orchestrated hammers strike the bells the proper caliber. Designed as a period watch, the silver case and chain are domed by a crystal on the dial. The case back opens to reveal the manual winding mechanism that goes into the pocket watches of old. This Bell & Ross watch is a mastery of choreography, complicated watchmaking, and music.

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