Bell & Ross BR-01 94 Pro Titanium for rugged luxury

Bell & Ross has always manufactured watches to be fit for professional use. To assure this, its designers and engineers adhere to four guiding principles. These are water resistance, precision, readability (legibility at a glance), and performance. Military, safety, and health professionals are often enlisted to ensure that these aspects are incorporated in each watch. The BR-01 94 Pro Titanium is a symbol of the French manufacturer’s four guiding principles. Its 46mm square titanium case is the most important difference between the BR-01 94 Pro Titanium and other BR-01s. The case is very light and extreme thanks to titanium’s amazing properties.

The shape of the case – with its reinforced bezel – also makes the watch more resistant to shock. However, for those of us who don’t plan to take this luxury watch rock-climbing or into battle, we will still appreciate how light and comfortable the watch is for its size. As for the reinforced bezel, it simply looks awesome.
The Pro Titanium was the first watch to be fitted with the dark grey BR rubber strap used for the special edition Commando models. The strap is meant to match the dark grey, the metallic color of the watch’s dial. This brings us to Bell & Ross’ third principle of design: readability. As bold as the hour markers and hands are on the other BR Instruments, the Pro Titanium ones are the boldest. They are wide and large and have a healthy dose of SuperLuminova photo-luminescent paint applied to them.
Incorporating the company’s four guiding principles, the BR 01 94 Pro Titanium is a testament to Bell & Ross’ pledge to manufacture timepieces for professionals. The titanium case and durable rubber strap add to the watch’s performance and make it unique amongst other Bell & Ross Instruments.
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