Bovet celebrates Pininfarina’s 86th anniversary with the Tourbillon Ottantasei wristwatch

Bovet and Pininfarina have had an unfailing romance since years now, and the companies have joined hands to create yet another horological masterpiece. Called the Tourbillon Ottantasei, this wristwatch stands out for multiple reasons. It’s beautiful, intricately designed and comes with tons of pedigreed brilliance. The Ottantasei commemorates the 86th anniversary of Pininfarina and, unlike most tourbillons, is slim. The watch sports a 44mm case that is 8.85 mm thick and comes in both, gold and titanium. One of the best parts about this case however, apart from the fact that it has a thinner profile, is the fact that its back and sides are sapphire too, displaying the mechanical insides of the watch from nearly every angle!

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The Ottantasei wristwatch comes with a flying tourbillon crafted out of 104 components. Given the fact that this is a special commemoration watch, Bovet will sell only 86 pieces of the watch in titanium and 86 in red gold. “The Tourbillon OttantaSei embodies the essence of the collection that has bound our Houses (Bovet and Pininfarina) since 2010,” stated Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822 and Dimier 1738, in a press release. This limited edition watch will come with an extremely steep price tag of 166,000 Euros (approximately $180,000).

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