BOVET and Pininfarina team up to create the Ottanta Tourbillon

BOVET and Pininfarina have collaborated to present an offering that will delight every watch connoisseur and collector. The union of the Manufacture and the Pininfarina has given birth to the BOVET – Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottanta. Pininfarina, the Italian design company, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, must definitely be pleased with this union and the resulting masterpiece. The design and production of Ottanta Tourbillon’s 514 constituent parts can be credited to Dimier 1738’s engineers and watchmakers’ work. What is the unique feature of this watch is that it combines four watches in one! Yes, the hi-tech aesthetically pleasing Tourbillon housed in a convertible case can be worn on the wrist with either of its two faces displayed, or combined with a titanium chain (also exclusively designed) use as a pocket watch, or deployed as a miniature table clock. All this can be accomplished easily and without the use of tools. A reverse hand-fitting carrying a single hand allows the hours, half-hours, and quarter-hours to be read on the movement’s other face. Powered by the automatic Calibre Bovet 16BA01 movement, this timepiece is one breathtaking creation. What is more, to commemorate 80 years of Pininfarina, Dimier created the tourbillon to make one complete revolution in exactly 80 seconds.

Besides the hi-tech movement and features, the design makes one fall in love with this exquisite creation. With such geniuses like Dimier and Pininfarina, there was no doubt this timepiece would be a winner when it came to looks. The timepiece decorated in shades of gray along with the surface of its bridges featuring circular bipolar Clous de Paris decorative work looks every bit stunning. The case is a version of the already famous AMADEO by Bovet, in titanium and steel completed with black DLC covering. Two other versions with a white or rose gold bezel and case-back are also available. Eight emblematic phrases, each reflecting one decade of the brand’s existence and signed by Mr. Paolo Pininfarina himself, have been engraved around the middle of the case. The dial has a brass flange with an anthracite color finish and a rock crystal lower plate, revealing the movement and the power reserve hand.
A limited edition offering, the Ottanta is restricted to just 80 pieces, each individually numbered. For more info on this timepiece click here.

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