Bovet unveils line of exquisite transformable timepieces

Keeping with the times and the ever-changing needs of today’s generation, Bovet has created a convertible timepiece that can be worn in various styles. The Amadeo line allows the brand’s Fleurier collection of timepieces to be worn as a wristwatch (with either front or back showing), a pocket watch, a pendant, or a desk clock. The timepiece can transform into any style without any tools in a matter of a few seconds. What is more, for an additional price of 2000 Swiss francs ($1,870), Bovet also offers dial personalization through custom miniature dial paintings. The luxurious watch chain accompanying this transformable watch echoes the brand’s classic design style.

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The convertible version of any Fleurier timepiece is only 1,000 Swiss francs ($935) above the watch’s retail. A beautiful range, its versatility, and flexibility will surely appeal to watch lovers across the globe.