Breitling’s Avenger Seawolf for the divers!

Time has changed all thanks to the Avenger Seawolf, Breitling. They have come out with a professional diver’s watch that is water resistant to 3,000 meters (10,000 ft/300 bars). This watch is killing with its looks and is perfectly functional with dimensions that have been kept very reasonable and offer perfect ergonomics. For the colour conscious, dials are available in black, blue, yellow or titanium grey. The Avenger Seawolf also features a safety valve enabling it to balance the differences in pressure inside and outside the case.

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As soon as internal overpressure reaches approximately 3 bars, the valve automatically evacuates the helium built up during prolonged stays at great depths and thus avoids the case exploding. Since the watch is pretty hi-tech and apt for you especially if you spend most of your life under water, its $3,520.00 price tag shouldn’t make you loose your breath.

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