Bremont EP120 Spitfire Chronograph tells tales of history apart from time!

There has to be more in a watch than just the ability to look good and tell the time. How about it being one-of-a-kind and an integral part of history in its own small way? That’s not too much to ask for especially when Bremont EP120 Spitfire Chronograph already has it. The soon to launch limited edition EP120 watch is named after (and contains parts of) a famous 1942 Spitfire Mk V aircraft, is possibly the most credited WWII fighter in existence and is now based in Duxford in Cambridgeshire not to forget some of it will be owned by you too if you sport this very fiercely good looking Bremont EP120 Spitfire Chronograph. A lot of interest has already been generated in this exclusive timepiece what with only 120 to be made. The EP120 features a black DLC treated steel and titanium case and a COSC certified movement.

Bremont EP120 Spitfire Chronograph has a modified 13” BE-53AE automatic chronometer movement with a 24 hour UTC function and 30 minute Chrono ‘Time of Trip’ dial, which is an original Spitfire part (Wow!). Sport a Bremont and join the league of Ewan McGregor, Jeremy Clarkson, Bear Grylls, and Orlando Bloom. You can do so only after October of 2008.

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