Buben & Zörweg find success at Baselworld 2010

One look at Buben & Zörweg’s offerings for this year’s Baselworld and we were sure the brand would find success at the show. Going by the response the Buben & Zörweg products received, we can proudly say that our predictions have been proved right. The Buben & Zörweg products displayed at the expo attracted quite a crowd who could not have enough exquisite creations. Every piece was appreciated and garnered rave reviews. The limited-edition collector’s pieces were a favorite with connoisseurs and collectors who could not help but appreciate the brand’s perfection and commitment that echoed in every creation. One of the favorite pieces at this expo was the Solitaire Orbit Tourbillon that proved to be an absolute star as an outstanding OBJECT OF TIME. A limited-edition creation of just 75 units, this exclusive creation appealed to every watch collector thanks to its unique design and hi-tech features, making it the perfect abode for your collection of watches.

Besides this, the much talked about Phantom High Fidelity, with either four or eight TIME MOVER units managed to be quite a showstopper at this event. The limited-edition PARAGON ORBIT TOURBILLON, a creation designed for lovers of wall-mounted clocks, created quite a stir among the watch loving audience. The limited-edition ELLIPSE TOURBILLON featuring a world time clock on the rear and rotating base and its luxurious version also garnered an overwhelming response at the expo.
Each piece spoke of Buben & Zörweg’s determination and passion for creating only the best. Success is a term the brand is soon going to be synonymous with.
Thanks Martin

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