Buben & Zörweg Phantom watch winder is phenomenally classy

A true watch connoisseur, who truly adores or idolizes his watch collection, would never deprive his collection of that final touch. Globally esteemed crafter of refined watch paraphernalia, Buben & Zörweg now allows the aficionados to swathe their beloved collection with a glamorous veil of the watch winder that can accommodate up to 8 wrist watches. The Phantom watch winder is sculpted with superior craftsmanship with materials like polished or brushed aluminum, with further streamlining carbon fiber inlay or timeless exterior contrasting Macassar interior. Another sophisticated feature of the watch winder is the ‘push and slide’ mechanism that reveals the rounded cube’s insides with a move.

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It also makes use of the patented Time Mover technology that incorporates an intelligent winder mechanism that successfully simulates the natural wearing behavior with the aid of an LCD. The Phantom watch winder retails in a price range of $3,500- $5,700.