BUBEN&ZORWEG – A success at BASEL World 2009

BUBEN&ZORWEG has proved time and again that they are the creators of some of the best and most exclusive timepieces ever. The brand had stood the tests of time and garnered a successful response when they displayed their exquisite creations at various exhibitions, including Basel World. This year, the brand managed to create another success story at the Basel World 2009 with their improved “Objects of Time” concept. The response generated by the different pieces re-instills the belief that BUBEN&ZORWEG are truly the masters even during this tough credit crunch. The Treasury, a modular concept offering the modern collector an ideal ambiance in which to present the objects of his passion and at the same time maintaining and safeguarding their value, found a lot of takers.

Other exquisite pieces displayed at the Basel World included the VANGUARD, which boasts security safe and is crowned by a fine timepiece from BUBEN&ZORWEG. Other pieces included the exquisite Phantom watch winder, the exclusive high-security Safe X 007, and the Orbit Tourbillon’s finest timepiece. Every piece from BUBEN&ZORWEG is a masterpiece with a charm and class of its own.

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