BUBEN&ZORWEG teams up with Aston Martin for a new OBJECT OF TIME to honor One-77

If you have been eagerly awaiting for the Aston Martin One-77, then you would be glad to know that it’s on it way out. Well, actually, it’s good news for lovers of exquisite timepieces and luxury car lovers as well. BUBEN&ZORWEG, which is quite well known for its intricate OBJECTS OF TIME and luxury car makers Aston Martin, have decided to join hand for an exclusive project that marks the launch of the One-77. Basel world 2011 will see a prototype of the OBJECTS OF TIME masterpiece based on the stunning car design created by Aston Martin’s director of design Marek Reichman.

The OBJECTS OF TIME already has some details out. To reiterate, the piece of art will feature a mechanical FINE TIMEPIECE. It will come with a safe, alongside “a collection of TIME MOVER watch winders and an elite sound system, all designed in exquisite materials and implemented in perfect craftsmanship.” Both the timepiece and the luxury car are limited edition versions, which will see only 77 units on sale.