Cartier’s exquisite Les Heures Fabuleuses collection for SIHH 2013

Craftsmanship and beauty are the hallmark of Cartier creations, and saying that their launches never disappoint is not far from the truth. The Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier, which was unveiled at SIHH, is no different and boasts of breathtaking jewelry watches such as Cartier Panthère Divine Watch, Peacock Motif Watch, Tortue Secret Watch, and many more, which can double as brooches and pendants too. Some of the other alluring pieces from the collection which made a fan out of us are:

The Cartier Fabuleux Frog watch without the brooch in 18K white gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, moonstones, and pink sapphires is a beauty to behold.

The rhodium-plated pink gold brooch set with brilliant-cut diamonds, moonstones, and emeralds is a lesson in style.

The Cartier Fabuleux Peacock without the brooch is an option for those who don’t want to go OTT.

The Cartier Fabuleux Peacock brooch is a diamond, ruby and sapphire studded stunner worth owning.

The Cartier Fabuleux snake watch is a limited edition of 60 pieces and dazzles in diamonds.

The Cartier Fabuleux snake watch without a brooch in white gold and rhodium-plated steel is a classic choice for the lady of elegance.

The brooch is 18K rhodium-plated white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds, eyes set with yellow diamonds, butterfly set with garnets is a class apart.

The Cartier Fabuleux parrot watch and the ring is a jeweled marvel which is sure to grab eyeballs.

The true stunner is the Cartier Fabuleux Baguette Panthère watch with case and bracelet in white gold set with brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds.

The Cartier Fabuleux Envol d’un Phœnix watch is a diamond studded charmer.

The Cartier Fabuleux green beryl and diamond watch stand out due to its unique design.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off the Cartier Fabuleux diamond bracelet watch with brilliant and rose-cut diamonds.

The Cartier Fabuleux Elephant goes back to the vintage tradition of pocket watches.


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