Cephee makes US debut with $350,000 Ether timepiece

Luxury watch lovers in the US are sure to rejoice as Cephee SA, Geneva, Switzerland, the ultra-luxurious watch brand, has decided to enter the US market. Cephee made its debut on US soil by announcing a new line of high end certified Swiss-made watches, introduced by noted Swiss watchmaker Christophe Golay. The first watch to be introduced under the new Cephee brand is the Ether. The luxurious watch is set with over 150 baguette diamonds and is priced expensively at $350,000! Ether features a unique engineering technique with its sapphire cradle that houses the movement. The exquisite timepiece has two perfectly adjusted lids so that precious face and side diamonds are completely encased. The hands of the watch are fashioned of a delicate blue tinted sapphire, called colored spinel.

Completing the look of the ultra-glam watch is the handmade supple leather strap with a hand-crafted diamond buckle. The elegant timepiece features a scratch-proof surface and is also treated with an anti-reflection process. A mesmerizing creation will definitely appeal to the luxury-loving folks in the US.
The perfect introductory piece displays the legacy and watches, making mastery of the noted Swiss watchmaker.