China leads with the highest demand for luxury watches, beats US

China is all set to over take other nations when it comes to all things luxurious. After toppling India to become the world’s largest consumer of Gold, China has now overtaken US in the demand for luxury watches. According to a survey based on internet searches, China has now become the emerging market and also the most demanding market for luxury timepieces. China represents 23 percent of all watch-related searches, according to the WorldWatchReport, published by Digital Luxury Group. Omega is the brand that is most in demand followed by Longines and Rolex in China.

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What is more, this is the first time that the US has been toppled from the top position, as the US has always been number one in this list ever since the survey began in 2004. Countries like India and Japan also showed a considerable rise in their rankings on this list this year. The WorldWatchReport measures and benchmarks more than 50 digital indicators to analyze 40 luxury watch brands’ performance across 20 international markets.
While there is no connection between the virtual demand and actual sales, it does show the growing awareness and popularity of these brands in emerging markets.
[Via Forbes]

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