Christophe Claret DualTow: A timepiece for those who like to be different

Baselworld is a great place to watch enthusiasts check out what the different watchmakers have in store for them. And the DualTow watch from Christophe Claret definitely stole the show with its exceptional design and mechanism. A spectacular mono-pusher chronograph with a tourbillon escapement, this watch is definitely breathtaking. A unique system of planetary gears developed by Claret gives the column-wheel controlled chronograph mechanism a unique character.

Incorporated with a harmonious chime that signals each phase of the start, stop, and return to zero sequences, this watch is anything but ordinary. The hours and minutes rest on a unique pulley-driven system of revolving rubber belts, giving this high-end timepiece a charisma of its own. A dual barrel system in a parallel arrangement assures the user a power reserve of over 50 hours. The makers also offer the DualTow clients various options, which can be applied to the externals like the case, strap, and chronograph pusher, but can also involve components of the 582-part movement to include the bridge structures, the main plate, and even the belt displays.
This exquisite timepiece is limited to just 68 units, and no two will be the same! So you had better hurry if you wish to adorn your wrist with an extraordinary timepiece.

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