Chronoexpert: Where genuine watch lovers meet genuine pre-owned watches

The pre-owned luxury watch market is where true collectors of timeless chronographs turn to, ever so often. It’s here that the very essence of a watch’s worth is measured through the most invaluable attribute, time. This is what makes it absolutely necessary to be certain that every timepiece on the shelf is an original piece. Among the handful dependable destinations available on the Web, for pre-owned luxury watches, Chronoexpert is one of the most trusted.

Founded in Bilbao, Spain, in 2016, under the expertise of team of watch aficionados and digital business professionals, the company received financial support from established global and local entrepreneurs. The company has a strict policy against counterfeits and copies. Each watch is put through a complex verification process, where a team of experts follows a multi-layered verification process to ensure that each piece is genuine.

And this authenticity has paid off. Nearly half of Chronoexpert’s sales come from orders placed overseas. In a sector this niche, such a rapid growth of international business is commendable and speaks volumes for the international demand for genuine watches. Along with Rolex. some of the best-selling brands available for purchase at Chronoexpert are Cartier, Omega and Breitling. The prize is in the certification process and the validation certificate that ships with each timepiece. Both, new and previously-owned watches are put through this process.

“Our goal is to shift from the more traditional buying experience to the online world, while maintaining the customer’s trust throughout the entire process,” Chronoexpert´s CEO Pablo Martín said. “Therefore, along with other benefits, the platform offers a 14-day return policy and 12 months of additional warranty.”

To propel its phenomenal growth, Chronoexpert has received a funding of €800,000 led by K Fund, a Spanish venture capital investment group created by Iñaki Arrola and Carina Szpilka. These funds will be directed towards product development, team strengthening, sourcing the finest talent, and marketing efforts in the Spanish and international markets. “We are extremely pleased with K Fund for leading this funding round as they are one of the most prestigious VC firm in Spain,” said the management. “We are looking forward to working together with the K Fund team.” K Fund’s investment portfolio includes noted brands such as Coverfy, Shopery, Lucera and Billin.

We vouch for the integrity and absolute authenticity of each Chronoexpert watch, be it new or pre-owned, which is enough reason for you to confidently make your purchase.