Chronos Model Range Watch Safe looks lithe yet firm in carbon fiber

Performance and great looks entwine romantically as you take in the brilliant craftsmanship that has been employed in the making of the Chronos Model Range Watch Safe. From the house of Brown Safe Manufacturing, a company that has stylized the most necessary component in our scheme of storage and domestic wealth security, the Chronos Range of watch safes leverages 35 years of expertise in producing safes and vaults for governments, military and private sector clientele. The safes are not only impenetrable but also throw in features, latest technology and brilliant design aesthetics that make them a sight to behold.

Watch safes protect the rarest and the most guarded treasures of our life. Holding these carefully crafted masterpieces begs the need for a protection that is just as elaborate in detail and design. The Chronos Model Range Watch Safe with Carbon Fiber tips the scale towards undeniable beauty, an attribute that wouldn’t be generally associated with safes.
The hand laid carbon fiber mesh on the outside of the safe offers a tangibly appealing experience. This is accented with the crystal clear resin that surprises your fingertips with its smoothness. All of this is touched by a deep glass that adds more reflective brilliance to the look of the watch safe. A biometric lock holds your belongings within the safe and ensures that only the authentic are granted access. With interiors as posh as the exterior is solid, your timeless timepieces can nestle with the assurance of a solid protection.
The door panel has a diamond quilt stitching with a red thread that offers an eye catchy contrast in the design. The design crawls across the safe and entwines around the winders, forming a design-consistent diamond shape.

The Chronos 4218 and the Chronos 6218, both differ in size and form factor but concur on effective fire and burglary protection ratings. What more could you ask from a protector that adds more than it takes away, from your interior décor.

[ Available at : Brownsafe ]

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