Classima XL Double Timezone by Baume & Mercier

Although Baume & Mercier is primarily a man’s watch brand, that doesn’t stop them from designing attractive models for the fairer sex like this new Classima XL Double Timezone. Above all, Baume & Mercier represents quality, a quality that is still irreproachable with an excellent price/quality ratio. Another of the brand’s fundamentals is its creativity – the originality of its styling. This latest model from B&M’s Classima Executives collection features two ETA swiss quartz movements. Measuring 42mm, the case is finished in 18kt white gold and the crystal is sapphire. It has a total of 1,323 diamonds and yellow sapphires (weighing 9 carats).

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Wrap it around your wrist with an orange alligator strap and a gem-set 18kt white gold buckle. Today, this classic, fine and elegant watch, drawn directly from their heritage, has become a very trendy timepiece. At the same time, it is proving that it is timeless.