David Yurman Jeweled Thoroughbred Watch

David Yurman jewelry has long been seen as a status symbol. His signature jewelry line is comprised of “cable” jewelry, made from twisted, sterling silver ropes. In 1995 David Yurman entered the field of watch making and quickly set a precedent in design and luxury watches. To date he has released three collections: The Cable, the Cable Capri and the Thoroughbred. Thoroughbred is the newest addition to the watch category. From the Thoroughbred Watch Collection, this classy glitzy timepiece steals the show. Fully diamond studded (dial, bezel and bracelet) this watch is shaped in 18-karat gold. The movement is Swiss quartz ETA. Designed in America, 100% crafted in his Swiss facility, this watches adheres to David’s uncompromising standards of both technology and beauty.

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At $34,000, it’s the priciest watch you can pick from Neiman Marcus for your darling this season!