Delaneau’s Delicates Collection of watches leaves us begging for more

If you are a woman who loves her diamonds and stones, then you will delight in this collection of watches from Delaneau’s Delicates Collection. This first watch is simply a stunner. The18K red gold floral shaped wristwatch is laced with 20 baguette-cut rubies, and the dial is set with 70 brilliant-cut diamonds. Made from 18K red gold, the bracelet is embellished with 24 navette-cut orange sapphires, 11 princess-cut diamonds, and 10 white diamonds. Ladies, are we even interested in knowing the mechanics? We don’t think so.

This next watch will definitely calm you with its cooler blue and green color combinations. The 18K red gold case is set with 8 white diamonds, 4 blue sapphires and 4 oval emeralds. The dial is blue opal and the 18K red gold bracelet is set with 30 white diamonds, 5 losange-cut blue sapphires and 4 oval-cut emeralds. Ladies are you drooling yet?
We are pretty sure some of you will be secretly wishing for this watch for either Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary. The 18K heart-shaped wristwatch is covered with 24 baguette-cut diamonds and boasts of a mother-of-pearl dial. The 18K red gold bracelet is decked with 19 heart-cut pink sapphires and 40 navette-cut diamonds.
How gorgeous is this watch? This 18K white gold round case wristwatch is set with 20 diamonds with a breathtaking turquoise dial. The 18K white gold bracelet is adorned with 29 navette-cut black spinels, 24 navette-cut white diamonds, and 12 oval-cut turquoises.

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