Devon Tread 1G transforms time with belts, gold and tech

Inspired by the Industrial Revolution and crafted with cutting edge innovations in aerospace engineering, Devon’s latest offering the Tread 1G combines utility with state of the art design features to create a watch as unique as its wearer. Devon’s Tread 1G features the same design elements as their ever popular Tread 1, however the 1G for the first time features the addition of gold parts to lend an even more distinctive look to the watch. The made to order Tread 1G retails at $35,000.

While the size and the configuration of the Tread 1 collection have been retained, the Tread 1G features case parts made from solid 18 k yellow gold, including the masterlinks, crown and strap clasp as well as the movement’s motor covers and shaft mounts. The indisputable beauty of the watch face is also enhanced by a gold plated indicator plate flying over the movement as well as the serial number plate on the back of the watch bearing Scott Devon’s signature. All these parts together bring the total gold weight of each watch to 87 grams. The Time Belts so central to this design are only 2/1,000 of an inch thick and are adapted from the cockpit instrumentation of military and commercial aircrafts.

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The gold parts are difficult to manufacture given the uniqueness of the shapes and high tolerance of the parts created. Given the precision and attention to detail that are essential to a task like this, the total production time is approximately two months. Devon’s Tread 1G is both secure enough for accuracy and magical in that the perfect movement of the parts lends to the illusion that the parts are floating within the case. The sheer brilliance of the design and technology makes the Tread 1G well worth the cost for any true luxury watch enthusiast.

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