Dreyfuss & Co. handmade timepieces

Dreyfuss & Co. timepiece is a legacy of Rene Dreyfuss master horologist. His bequest is celebrated with a collection of 26 handmade Swiss timepieces. Enthused by historical events in the life of Rene Dreyfuss this collection is divided into six families named after significant dates in Rene Dreyfuss’s own life. Inspired by the past, each watch has been subtly updated to fuse contemporary classic styling with traditional craftsmanship. Tradition is remembered long after time is forgotten. Each timepiece is complemented and protected by a sumptuous hand made a presentation to enjoy in perpetuity. The art of creation by hand ensures each hand is as individual as its creator and its owner. Both the gentlemen’s and ladies’ collections feature a selection of stainless steel and 18-carat gold strap and bracelet pieces, all guaranteed by the Seafarer water-resistant stamp.

Totally waterproof, the sea-farer stamp on the entire range (except 18k) gold gives you the reassurance that you can enjoy all your water sports without fear of damaging your watch. From swimming and diving to snorkeling and scuba diving; windsurfing and water skiing; hot tubs, sauna, and Jacuzzi, the seafarer waterproof guarantee is the ultimate protection of the investment in Dreyfuss and Co. timepiece.

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