Fabergé Horlogerie unveils the Palais du Temps watch collection

The name Fabergé is associated with timeless luxury and class. When Fabergé Horlogerie announced its latest timepiece unveiling, one expected the same standards of luxury and class. It is definitely not disappointing in either the latest timepieces, Palais du Temps models, taking your breath away. Drawing inspiration from the great Romanov palaces’ ornamental splendor, these beautiful models are set to make their debut at Baselworld next month. Featuring painted art dials and hand-worked guilloché enamel, these models echo the creativity and painstaking craftsmanship for which Fabergé is world-famous. The new additions to the collection include models like the Alexei Jardin Secret, the Alexei Jardin D’hiver, the Alexei Rotonde, the Alexei Pavillion, the Agathon Palais D’Or and the Anastasia Boudoir.

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The Alexei Jardin Secret boasts an exuberant art dial painted in clear, refreshing colors on mother-of-pearl, depicting a beautiful secret garden. The Alexei Jardin D’hiver, with its light gold rococo scrolls on a matt white or lavender-grey painted dial, depicts the scenic winter gardens. In contrast, the Alexei Rotonde depicts the palaces’ architectural grandeur with its ornamental dials on a face of gold rococo scrolls unfurling over the matt white or lavender-grey painted face.
The Agathon Palais D’Or, which is decked in diamonds to depict the palaces’ grandeur, is named after Peter Carl Fabergé’s younger brother, a creative force in the House of Fabergé. However, my personal favorite is the Anastasia Boudoir, an exquisitely elegant lady’s watch. Named after Nicholas and Alexandra’s youngest daughter, this timepiece features a dial of hand-worked guilloché enamel.
Exquisite and endearing, each new model considers the elegance, class, and luxury associated with Fabergé.

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