Fendi Bag Bugs make in on the face of Momento Fendi watches

Fendi has let the bag bugs bite them and they have announced the latest contamination. The flurry heart-breaker monster bugs have spread their arms of reach and are now also seen in a new capsule collection of Momento Fendi watches. Like the watchful, glary eyes of the bugs, the watches will be projected on the timepiece in a variety of colours. The watch will feature a chronograph dial, but the sub dials has more prominence, as they form the eyes of the bugs. Fendi’s Bag Bugs were launched a couple of years ago as an accessory or luck charms for the adventurous clientele of the Italian brand.

Fendi Bag Bugs make Momento Fendi watches   (2)
One particular variety stands out from the rest because of its diamond-studded eye outline. The watch will have two strap options – rubberized calfskin leather or a stainless steel bracelet. This is a bold addition. If it weren’t for a brand like Fendi, it might seem like a Chinese New Year special toy collection.
Fendi Bag Bugs make Momento Fendi watches   (3)

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