First ever Cohiba Watch by Zenith celebrates the cigar’s 50th anniversary

With a century and a half of experience behind them, Zenith offers a wealth of experience and excellence in the way they treat their timepieces. On the other hand, Cohiba is the most sought-after brand in its product category, viz. fine cigars. The cigar giants are celebrating 50 years of their being and what better way to etch this moment in history than by the art of horology. Both Zenith and Cohiba have come together to create the legendary El Primero chronograph in an exclusive, limited edition run.

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Zenith’s Aldo Magada says, “At Zenith we are proud and happy to be partnering with Cohiba, which is not only the best Habanos brand, but also represents the same relentless quest for product excellence that we have been pursuing for more than 150 years. The priority for both companies is to enhance the customer experience, thanks to the unique craftsmanship of our artisans. We are convinced that the limited series Zenith is offering will please connoisseurs of both worlds”.
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Both brands share the philosophy of delivering excellence and sophistication to a generation that is soon aging off. This celebration is truly the coming together of entities that made the eminent gent of the 60s and 70s.
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