Five years and two patents later, Cartier debuts their Révélation d’une Panthère watch

Cartier’s Révélation d’une Panthère is a completely new take on the brand’s beloved panther motif. The watch is comprised of a 37mm pink gold case with a diamond encrusted bezel, but the real action is on the dial. The watch face is filled with 900 tiny gold beads which at first look like they are freely moving across the watch. But when you tip the beads across the dial, they mysteriously take on the shape of a panther’s face. The effect is marvellous.

Five years went into the creation of this watch and Cartier obtained two patents in the process of developing it. One of them is for the liquid within which the gold beads are suspended while the other applies to the glass that holds the liquid and the beads. The liquid not only needed to have a specific viscosity but also needed to be resistant to freezing in cold weather.

The watch is available in three dial colours: red and green which are limited to 100 pieces each, and black which is unlimited. Each watch is priced at $106,000.

[Available at:Cartier]

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