Former cleaning lady of the King of Morocco gets 18 years of prison for stealing 36 Royal watches

While we struggle to steal even a few minutes of precious time from our day, some conmen are snipping away tons of luxurious goods while they can! In a similar instance, a rather bold cleaning lady (working for the King of Morocco) was recently sent to jail for stealing his highness’s luxurious watches.

The middle-aged woman has apparently stolen 36 luxury watches from King Mohammed VI over the course of several years. She committed the crime with fourteen other defendants who were handed prison sentences ranging from four to 12 years.

Clever as she was, the lady sold most watches after breaking them down and stripping them of precious elements such as diamonds and gems. The 46-year-old woman (the only lady in the criminal gang) was granted 15 years in prison for using her position and access to the king’s private quarters for the robbery by a court in Morocco.

Commenting on the news, Ali Lmrabet, a Moroccan writer and journalist in a statement to Al Jazeera, said -This is extremely unusual that a robbery should take place at a royal palace,” He further added – “Normally, anything to do with the security of the king is shrouded in security, so it must mean that someone near the king has authorized that this information is disclosed.” Well, the royals of Morocco sure need to put their guards up!

[Via: Robb Report]