Frank Muller creates a custom “Gangnam Style” watch for Korean singer Psy

South Korean rapper Psy is known for his extravagant taste in couture, so talks of a custom-made watch by over-the-top Swiss watchmaker Frank Muller does not come across as a shocker. Rumor has it that Frank Muller has designed a one-of-a-kind timepiece for artist Psy who shot to fame worldwide after his K-pop single “Gangnam Style.”

The piece is likely an 18-carat white gold or platinum completely covered with diamonds, with its large roman numerals embellished in dark stones(mostly black diamonds). The watch has Psy doing his famous horse-riding dance step from the song hand-painted on the watch dial. The image on the dial features the chubby artist in his signature black tuxedo and shades.

It is still unknown if the watch was custom ordered by the singer or a gift by the watchmaker. After the buzz he has created with 1.5 billion views of “Gangnam Style” and his next single, “Gentleman,” the singer definitely deserves this treat either way!

[Via – Ablogtowatch]