Frédérique Constant signs Gwyneth Paltrow as Global Charity Brand Ambassador

Craftsmanship and the passion to excel define the persona of Swiss-based watchmaking brand, Frédérique Constant. The company has developed and assembled some awe-inspiring in-house calibers over the last twelve years and has been the metaphor for its virtue as a truly philanthropic brand. Frédérique Constant donates $50 from the sales of each watch from the Ladies Collection to a charity, a practice since 2004.

To put a face to the charitable deeds it undertakes, the Geneva-based company has announced distinguished actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, as their Global Charity Brand Ambassador. Paltrow is renowned for her charitable deeds and her personal commitment to the causes she puts her heart to made her an endearing choice for the watchmaking brand. As the Charity Ambassador, Paltrow will be entrusted with educational projects of ‘DonorsChoose’, an organization committed to supporting the education of children. This promising new alliance has been captured beautifully in an advertising campaign shot by the reputed Tom Munro. Through the campaign, Paltrow positively and joyfully invites people to join her in the act of giving for the greater good.
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Frédérique Constant’s Delight Collection of timepieces echoes the feminine attributes of elegance, form and slenderness flawlessly. The watch is available in an attractive, slim case and showcases slender hands on the dial to tell the time without being too intrusive on the design. Each watch sold from the Delight Automatic Collection will see $50 contributed to the Frédérique Constant Foundation. The foundation has been instrumental in initiating and executing a number of charities that have strived towards the betterment and benefit of women and children. Purchasing a timepiece from this excellently crafted collection will now be even more gratifying and satisfying. A number of models and styles are available under the Frédérique Constant Delight Automatic Collection to suit the varying palettes of buyers.
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The DonorsChoose program that will be supported by Paltrow’s involvement as the brand ambassador was founded back in 2000. The charity focuses on supporting classrooms that need financial support. The project requests for the charity have been created by teachers from public schools across America. Over 2 million people have come together to donate a total $398 million to fulfil the earnest requests of these teachers and to enhance the quality of education and amenities that students in public schools truly deserve. About 17 million students, mostly from low-income communities as well as those from disaster-affected areas, have benefitted from this charity, as it has given them access to books, art supplies, field trips, technology and other significant learning tools that would otherwise be impossible to acquire.
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Through her association with Frédérique Constant, Gwyneth Paltrow will surely multiply that number to reach out and touch even more young lives.

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