Graff Superstar: A luxurious timepiece bathed in diamonds

If you think you have seen some of the most bling-bling watches, wait till you see this diamond-studded timepiece. Graff’s product is diamond-encrusted, or should I say diamond oozing timepiece has been named Superstar or Graff Superstar. I mean, seriously, if this is not bling, then I don’t know what is. The timepiece is overflowing with diamonds, 59 carats of diamonds to be precise. The case and bracelet are done in 18k white gold while a dizzying collection of 176 diamonds glitter on the case and another 94 diamonds on the bracelet. This watch is sure to make any lady glitter and dazzle. The emerald is the only non-diamond stone of the bunch and serves as the 12 o’clock marker. I am a girl, I love diamonds, but this timepiece is a little too much.

If you do end up splurging on this timepiece, you had better make sure you have enough security around you once you step out wearing this watch. Remember, guys, “Too much of a good thing…”

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