Grand Aficionado from Buben & Zorweg keeps watches and wines safe

Buben & Zorweg is a revered name in humidifiers and watchwinding cabinets. And the Grand Aficionado reminds us that the brand only gets better with every offering. The safe equipped with a German security certificate features a climate cabinet that provides consistent humidity and a carousel with a vibration-free motor for 8 wine bottles. Laced with digital controls, the Vinum version features cabinet with satellites with a total of 12 Time Mover, humidor, bar and wine cork display. Apart from the wine bottles, it also holds a fine timepiece with 8-day spring-driven movement of German manufacture. Moreover you can opt for a German HiFi system with Bluetooth and iPhone/iPod docking station.

The Tempus version stands apart without a wine storage and accommodates a double-sided carousel for 27 Time Mover and bar. It comes with additional storage for watches and jewelery in drawers. This version features satellites with additional 12 Time Mover, humidor, bar and pen display.

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Both versions boast of high-security safe with safety class VdS I.