Grieb & Bezinger Shades of Grey collection of watches unveiled

Grieb & Benzinger unveil a new collection of watches under the name ‘Shades of Grey’. We assure you that the collection has nothing to do with E.L. James’s successful trilogy; however, they have a secretive fascination in common. The new watches by Grieb & Benzinger set in 18-palladium-white gold have a story of their own. They are the result of wishes from the brand’s customers located around the world. The collection consists of four exquisite models:

The Grey Polaris has been created for a technology-obsessed architect from Asia. Made in white gold, inclusive of the 43mm case and buckle, the watch flaunts grey-colored visible movement components. The base dial has been guilloche and semi-skeletonized by hand and is coated with black rhodium. In contrast, the applied skeletonized dial has been coated with lighter-colored rhodium, which changes among various shades of grey depending upon the light. What completes the watch is the grey alligator-skin strap.

The Grey Tulip has been made at the request of an Eastern European client who was inspired by the brand’s very own Black Tulip timepiece. He wished for a not too flashy version, which he could adorn all the time, and that is how the Grey Tulip came to be. Covered in an 18-palladium white gold 43mm case and buckle and displaying a complicated movement, this watch too has a grey alligator strap.

Fulfilling a client’s dreams in the Middle East, two varied versions of the Grey Tulip have been conjured. One, the Grey Tulip Imperial, and the other, the Grey Tulip Diamond. Though the make and style confirm the above-mentioned model, these watches differ only in terms of the diamonds they have been encrusted with. The first showcases the finest princess-cut diamonds set on the bezel, while the second flaunts high-grade brilliant-cut diamonds set on the bezel as well as the lugs featuring 77 diamonds.

Grieb & Benzinger also has to its credit the world’s heaviest platinum watches. Read more.

[Via – Grieb-Benzinger]

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