GRIEB & BENZINGER presented the three heaviest platinum watches in the world valued at $ 1,500,000

GRIEB & BENZINGER hosted a special preview in Singapore for Rolls-Royce and Revolution Magazine to unveil the BLUE DANUBE and the BLUE WHIRLWIND. The first is a skeletonized minute repeater split-seconds chronograph, while the latter is a tourbillon minute repeater. It also took the BLUE SENSATION’s curtains, which is the only split-seconds skeletonized regulator chronograph currently available. Running in a rare Patek Philippe caliber, these “one-of-a-kind” watches come encased in solid platinum cases and come to a total cost of well above $ 1,500,000.

The BLUE DANUBE, a skeletonized minute repeater split-seconds chronograph, features a base movement that was original created in 1890 and has been fully restored. The over 400 components were worked upon in the detailed restoration process. Sporting a 43 mm-diameter dial in a solid platinum case, the watch is priced at $450,000.
The BLUE WHIRLWIND, a tourbillon minute repeater, owes its origins to the Patek Philippe Caliber R TO 27 PS. The movement has been seen only once before with the Patek Philippe Tourbillon Minute Repeater in stainless steel, which was auctioned at the ONLY WATCH charity at Monaco in 2011 for €1.4 million. The reworked version is priced at around $850,000.
The event’s final star was a one-of-a-kind BLUE SENSATION, which is the only split-seconds skeletonized regulator watch ever made. Backed by an 1890-based fully restored and technically modified caliber, the watch features a 49-mm diameter and weighs 230 grams. It comes with a $ 260,000 price tag. Only one of these restored watches is up for grabs. The collection would no doubt be an avid watch fanatic and a very lucky one at that!