Hermes’ novel timepiece ‘Faubourg Joaillerie’ is more like a piece of art

Faubourg Joaillerie, the most recent addition to Hermes’ masterpiece collection, adorns 652 diamonds and entails a slim gold mesh. Considering it’s a Hermes product, one can expect an exemplary piece. While precious stones encircle the 16.3 mm delicate case, slender interlacing gold patterns also serve to accentuate the watch’s light and airy nature. Working on a white gold canvas, the watch’s makers precisely set a total of 388 diamonds repeatedly readjusting them until the bracelet became a perfect extension of the watch.

Hermes’ novel masterpiece 2
The features are quite exhilarating we must say! While an AR-coated sapphire crystal encapsulates the watch, it is also water resistant to 30 meters. Movement is Swiss quartz with 5 jewels. The dial, in 18kt white gold, is set with 112 diamonds (0.17 carats), hands plated with rhodium of course!

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Founded in 1837, the French watch connoisseur has progressed to attain a tag of the world’s most renowned brands.

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