Hermes Arceau Pocket Amazones is unique with a miniature painting

Hermes has unveiled the Arceau Pocket Amazones, a beautiful pocket watch inspired by the motif of a tie designed by Henri d’Origny. The watch has been designed using centuries old hand-crafted expertise, grand feu enamelling, along with the miniature painting and paillonne techniques. The paillonne enamel dial accentuates the elegance of the mounts and their rides as well as smallest details of the coat of the horse and that of the horsewoman riding side-saddle that provide an artistic diversity to the scene.

The Hermes Arceau Pocket Amazones features gold spangles added by the enamelling process and manually chamfered and polished finishes, along with the solid gold oscillating weight adorned with a cavalry of ‘H’ letters. The pocket watch that functions on a Manufacture caliber H1928 trots, is great as a present or souvenir.

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