Hermès L’Heure H Bouganvillier: Elegance personified

Hermès latest timepiece pays tribute to Louis Antoine de Bougainville. The famous explorer mesmerized many with his findings from Brazil, Tahiti, and Mauritius. Among his findings was a small shrub, with delicate leaves of a deep, bright pink shade, which later became known as the Bougainville. The Hermes timepiece christened the L’Heure H Bouganvillier plays with the hues and shades of this beautiful shrub. The beautiful shade of the timepiece reflects the beautiful landscapes and cheerful feelings that arise from the sight of such scenic beauty. A shiny pink leather strap engages the cashier, whose contours trace the brand’s initial letter. The bezel is adorned with gorgeous 64 sparkling diamonds that only enhance the beauty of this timepiece. All numbers are in black except for 2 and 4, which are in pink, matching the beautiful strap perfectly.

A truly exceptional timepiece, it will surely mesmerize one and all.

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