Hublot Aero Bang Red Devil 26 is inspired by Japanese Manchester United player, Shinji Kagawa

Watchmaker Hublot’s association and intrinsic connection with the sporting world is no secret. Their latest watch, Aero Bang Red Devil 26, flaunts a sporty streak as it is inspired by Japanese Manchester United football player Shinji Kagawa and bears the number of the star player. This launch comes as no surprise as Hublot is also the official timekeeper and watchmaker for Manchester United. This limited edition piece of 50 is in the club’s color combination of black and red, boasts of a black carbon fiber case made with the most advanced technology, and is further adorned with special chemically colored red sapphire glass. Other highlights include a high-quality alligator leather strap with an inner rubber lining and a skeletal back casing with Kagawa’s jersey number 26 and his autograph.

Hublot’s Aero Bang Red Devil 26 is also an ode to Shinji Kagawa’s strength, flexibility, and professional prowess. For the watch’s launch, Shinji Kagawa was invited to partake in the ‘Hublot Charity Shooting’ where he had to shoot ten balls into ten targets of different values, and the corresponding amount was to be used to support the development of football. A total of 3million JPY was finally raised in this noble way.

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