Hublot ForbiddenX comes with a dial made from tobacco leaves

Way back in 2012 Hublot teased and tantalized us with the stunning King Power “Arturo Fuente” a watch created in collaboration with the Florida based Arturo Fuente cigar company; now, two years later, the two brands are finally slaking our thirst for their combined design genius with their second joint offering: the ForbiddenX timepiece. With a name that sounds like it’s been plucked out of a James Bond film and a predecessor that set a high standard, you can be sure that this watch will be making jaws drop.

hublot-forbidden-x-1The ForbiddenX timepiece is inspired by Arturo Fuente’s cigar of the same name and a name is not the only trait shared by these unique items. The tobacco leaves used to produce the ForbiddenX cigar have been incorporated into the dial of its namesake watch. The leaves were shipped from the Fuente family’s estate in Santo Domingo to the Hublot manufacturing center in Switzerland where a high-tech process with epoxy resin was used to make the leaves stable and rigid for use in the watch.

hublot-forbidden-x-2Boasting a 45 mm diameter the watch maintains the tobacco inspired theme with rich brown calfskin straps (bearing the ForbiddenX symbol) and a brown ceramic bezel to flatter the leaves in the dial. Choices abound for picky customers as Hublot offers the timepiece in four luxe variants: a titanium version, a classic black ceramic version, a King Gold version (a rich red gold whose color is further intensified by the presence of 5% platinum) and an ultra-exclusive tourbillon movement version that is limited to just 30 pieces.
The curious timepiece is presented in a fittingly extravagant fashion, with the presentation box designed to function as a wooden humidor box that regulates humidity while creating the perfect environment to preserve the cigars.

hublot-forbidden-x-3As of now, we can spill that the King Gold version boasts a heavy price tag of $44,700 and is limited to 100 pieces while each of the 200 pieces of the black ceramic model will retail for $24,000. Maybe some Christmas shopping is on the cards?



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