Hublot Big Bang Earl Gray Gold Hematite glams up

After creating waves of ripples with it range of big band watches including the Gold and the Tutti Frutti Hazelnut, the ManU special Red Devil Bang, Black Caviar Bang, the limited edition Big Bang Wally, the Valentine’s Day version, the one million dollar bang, the red bang, a Maradona special, and a Polo de Paris among others this time, Hublot is now out with their latest in the collection, a Big Bang Earl Gray Gold Hematite which is the perfect blend of rose gold with 48 baguette cut charcoal gray hematites.

The 41mm, diameter gold case comes with a satin finish, and a rubber and alligator leather combination on the strap makes it classy and comfortable to wear. The watch spots a Hublot Calibre HUB 4300 auto winding movement, 42-hour power reserve, and 100meter water resistance.

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