Hublot Black Caviar Bang is another watch with a million dollar price tag

The million-dollar watch club, like the name itself suggests, is a club comprising of esteemed companies who produce watches worth a million dollars or more. One can only imagine the extravagant quality watches that come under this heavy price tag. And the latest watch to achieve this great feat is the new Hublot Black Caviar Bang, which is the latest in the Big Bang line. This limited edition beauty boasts of an 18k white gold case and clasp that features hundreds of precision cut black diamonds that measure 34.5 carats in total. The diamonds are beautifully arranged on the watch with 322 diamonds on the case, 179 on the bezel, and another 30 on the clasp at the end of the rubber strap. These rare black diamonds are responsible for that touch of luxury and the heavy million-dollar price tag.

Within the watch is Hublot’s specially manufactured manually wound HUB Solo T tourbillon movement. A skillfully designed face opens with a view of the one-minute tourbillon, and diamonds are patterned into the face as the power reserve indicator. The Black diamonds help to create a different, non-shimmer effect adding to the elegance and charm of this exquisite timepiece. This watch is definitely exclusive as it is a limited edition of only one piece. So one can only imagine the price tag to obtain this unique and exclusive beauty.

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