Hysek presents their first jewelry watch for women: the Kalysta Snowflake

Not too long ago independent watchmakers Hysek debuted their very first fully in-house collection for women called the Kalysta. Now they are taking things one step further with the debut of a jewelry edition called the Snowflake. The pattern on the watch uses both marquise and round cut diamonds, carefully arranged in concentric circles with the largest stones in the center, and smaller sized gems towards the edges.

Hysek design aims to resemble a snowflake just settled delicately on the mother-of-pearl watch dial. The use of star settings (in which the stone is held in place by a small grain of soldered metal), as well as bezel settings (a technique using a metal ring that fastens and supports the stone from below), gives the watch a textured look.

On the technical side, the Kalysta “Snowflake” is powered by the HW61 manufacture caliber – an automatic movement offering a 39-hour power reserve. The crown is designed in the shape of the Moon and adorned with a double diamond. The cabochon is made from authentic moon-stone.

The watch denotes the hours using a window at 12 o’ clock while the minutes are denoted by means of a marquise stone that travels around the jeweled bezel to mark out the time. The Kalysta “Snowflake” will be available in four versions, in titanium or rose gold, with diamond or sapphire-and-diamond settings. Only 32 pieces are available in all.