Hyseks Colosso Timepiece costs a colossal $550,000.

You may have heard of the adage, ‘World at your feet’, but it’s time to change the picture and rephrase. Now is the time to have the world on your wrist and not at your feet. Making this possible is Hysek’s Colosso Timepiece. Hysek focused upon capturing the globe onto your wrist in the form of a time-revealing mechanism, where the crystal pustule crammed with dimensional earth rotates at local or GMT time. The watch features a 12mm three-dimensional globes royally placed at a 12 o’clock angle. It does cost a bomb that is reflected via cathedral timbre studded with 62 jewels along with a 48-hour power reserve.

Right on the location of the globe, it points towards cities of the 24 time zones associated with the GMT. You really can’t have the world at your feet literally, so I think you should settle for Hysek’s Colosso Timepiece for $550,000.